District Commitee and Chartered Organization Representative Training

Attention all District Committee Members and Chartered Organization Representatives! We have many trainings/workshops planned across the Lincoln Heritage Council to support you in your roles.

Whether you are a seasoned District Scouter or Charter Rep, we encourage you to get the most up to date information and support for your new or current role going into 2014. Districts are the “operating arms” of the Lincoln Heritage Council. These trainings will help to provide you the basics for your role and an opportunity to collaborate with other leaders inspiring a greater sense of teamwork and cooperation.

Our Districts operating effectively will mean youth members and families receive the best service and programming.    We look forward to your attendance and support.

Click here for Bernheim, Cherokee, Dan Boone, Old Kentucky Home and Seneca Districts
Click here for Audubon, Four Rivers, Lincoln Trail, Tecumseh, and Wapiti Districts
Click here for Chief Old Ox and George Rogers Clark Districts 

“When you serve as a district volunteer you are a part of a worldwide movement, composed of people who are dedicated to a common goal, who use organization as a means, not an end.” “The whole hope of the movement rests upon two assumptions: 1. That unit leaders can use the movement’s program in a manner to make a difference in the lives of young people. 2. That district volunteers will do whatever is necessary to ensure every unit leader’s success.” From The District, No. 33070

















From The District, No. 33070